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Re-Introduction and some Art
by Des (thagirion)
at December 3rd, 2008 (09:13 pm)

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Hello everyone. I see this place has lost a little activity since last I was here. Well I joined this place back in 2006 then got busy and didn't post anymore. My OC world has grown quite a bit and I think trying to draw all 100 of these themes will really help me out as I need to draw more and doodle. I went through my tags and updated the links and took some off. Some of the categories I have to redo. So please feel free to check those out. I'm also hoping to make some friends here and find some people that are interested in my art and story. So please if you like what you see check out my profile and add me. I'll try to be more active. Here are three more. I hope you like them.

Title: Cope Leaps
Universe/Fandom: Thagirion Realm
Characters: Jonathan Cope
Prompt: 002. Middles
Rating: PG
Artist's Notes: Meet Jonathan Cope. He's a character that I've had for a while now but have only recently started to develope...and obsess over. He's Owen Marsh's rival. Owen hated him from the moment they met in elementary school and has picked on poor Cope all his life making the poor soul miserable. Both Owen and Cope are geniuses so they are quite evenly matched though Cope thinks Owen is better than him and believes the horrible things Owen says. Anyway I chose this particular drawing for Middle because Cope is in the middle of the earth and sky or the earth and his flying car. He's got his Death Ray ready to go. I'm not sure who's the target, but obviously he had to leap out to get it and is concentating really hard. Cope is one of the few good guys in my story of villains.

Title: Owen Drowning
Universe/Fandom: Thagirion Realm
Characters: Owen Marsh
Prompt: 051. Water
Rating: R
Artist's Notes: This is one of my favorite drawings. Owen was on a ship and being the arrogant loud mouthed jerk that he is probably pissed off the wrong person. I see him having been thrown over board from like a four story ship into the fridged waters of the North Atlantic. He sinks for a while, but probably could make it back to the surface. Things don't look good for him and he's in very real danger of his fire going out. That would certainly mean death for him.

Title: Lost In The Snow
Universe/Fandom: Thagirion Realm
Characters: Owen Marsh
Prompt: 067. Snow
Rating: R
Artist's Notes: Owen is in trouble yet again. Yes I love to torture him. This time he was sent to the Canadian North in winter by Thagirion who did not have time to finish him off properly. He hopes the ice and snow will do the job for him. There was no way for Owen to fight not being sent through a portal and was totally unprepared for this. Again he's in danger of his fire going out. BTW, these last two aren't offically part of my main story line, but I LOVE coming up with What IF scenarios.