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A community like fanart100, but for your original characters. The idea was originally thought up by the creators of fanfic100, and it's a super nifty idea so we're using it, too.

» Pick your universe/characters
» Join the community and go HERE and "claim" it (since it's an OC, no one else is going to claim it, but we'd like to know who's doing what).
» Draw 100 pictures (old art, new art, doodles, finished masterpieces, etc.) centering around your character(s), one for each prompt on THIS TABLE.
» If you post the table on your website or in an LJ post, give me the link to it in this post so that I may link to your table in the master list. That way everyone can go to your table and have links to all your lovely pictures. :)
» When you're finished, post HERE so that everyone may rejoice with you.

» Please put the name of your universe/characters in the title of your post.
» Please use the following header for every piece:
Artist's Notes:

» Please note any squicks or spoilers in your notes.
» Please tag every entry. Your tag is your username in order to keep it nice and simple for everyone!

What kind of original character can I use?
Any kind, really. From your original universe, from an established universe (IE: Harry Potter, X-Men, etc.), your fursona, a mascot, etc. As long as it's original.

Can I claim my whole universe and draw any of the characters within it?
Yes, as long as it's your creation.

My character is part of an established universe, can I include some of those characters in my picture?
Yes, as long as an original character is present in the piece.

What ratings are allowed?
Any and all.

What's the deadline?
There isn't one! That's part of the beauty of it all.

What if someone already claimed the fandom my character is a part of?
No problem! Since the you have an original character who's the focus of your art, as many people can use the same fandom as they want.

If you have a question that is unanswered, please post it at the FAQ POST.

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